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Before we actually start on therapy, we comprehensively discuss with our patients the current disease situation, possible treatments and alternative treatments, and any possible side effects, in order to jointly determine further therapy. Of course, we are willing to answer any questions that concern you as a patient or family member.

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In the next step, an individualized radiation plan is drawn up using special computer tomography and taking into account all available findings. Then our medical physicists calculate all of the necessary equipment parameters using cutting-edge computer technology.

Of course, we have available all of the significant procedures in radiation therapy, such as IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, RapidArc, gating and stereotaxy, and these will be usefully used by us depending on individual necessity.

During radiation therapy over several weeks, our patients are looked after by a professional team of specialist medical-technical assistants and will, of course, continue to have regular personal contact with their attending radiation therapist.

At the end of radiation therapy, we organise the further care and after-treatment of our patients, in close collaboration with the referring doctors.

As participants in interdisciplinary tumour conferences, as members of national and international associations, and through regular training, we can always guarantee to provide our patients with treatment in accordance with current scientific knowledge, but without losing sight of the individual qualities of each individual person.

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