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  • Equipment



We would like to provide you with information here on the medical equipment that is available to us in our practice.

To plan radiation therapy, we use a modern Emotion 16 CT scanner made by Siemens. This device is completely integrated in the practice’s data network.

Radiation therapy takes place on the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator. This device is the first of its kind in Berlin and all of eastern Germany. All current and future therapy procedures in modern radiation therapy are therefore possible for us.

Geräteausstattung Strahlentherapie Varian Linearbeschleuniger Strahlentherapie Berlin Moabit
Geräteausstattung Strahlentherapie Berlin Moabit Linearbeschleuniger

Radiation planning as well as the documentation of daily treatments is also carried out using Varian software. This guarantees the smooth running of operations within the practice without interface problems caused by different systems.

We aim to run a largely paperless practice. Only the documents stipulated by law are archived on paper in a conventional manner. All other documentation is digitized and thus available at every workstation if required.